Ranger Action

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Ranger Action is a game where the ranger has to maintain order and peace and fight against an enemy that is much worse than a simple robber. The city is flooded with hordes of zombies - dead rebels. They excavated a huge city cemetery, located outside the settlement, and moved to profit from the brains of living people. The only one who had to stop the attack was our ranger and he was given to do it, not just all the powers and special abilities. The hero can cause a firestorm, throwing lightning and throwing ice blocks. In addition to the military equipment, he also has a jetpack with which he can rise into the air for a short time and jump over a very large monster to avoid a collision. Collect coins, power-ups, especially valuable bonus that forms around the hero on the transparent protective shell. But the main weapon will be the character of his gun.

PC controls: W, Arrow Up, Spacebar, Mouse. Touch Control works on all browsers and all mobile devices!






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