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Street Dunk


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You have every chance of breaking basketball records by throwing balls into the basket. And for this it is enough to go to the Street Dunk game. You will see two modes: training and record. Of course, it is more logical to start with training, this will help your character get comfortable on the court, understand the principle of action, and determine his style of play. Once you start training, you will immediately understand that this game is different from traditional basketball, but rather looks like a puzzle. To throw the ball, you need to go past various obstacles, which will be updated every time. Metal and wooden buildings will pile up in front of the shield with a ring, and it is important for you to throw the ball so that it does not touch anything, or it hits, but rolls into the ring. A line of white circles will help you aim more accurately, but it will only make the task a little easier, you must do all the main things yourself.

Release Date

12 August 2021

Game Statistics

Rating: 5.00 (2 votes) • Played: 1,100 times
Street Dunk
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