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Grand Zombie Swarm


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The plague of the zombovirus appeared suddenly and began to spread rapidly across the planet. At first, people thought that they would quickly cope with it, but then it became clear that this process would drag on for years. The living dead became more and more, whole hordes roamed the cities, hunting for the living and not infected. In the game Grand Zombie Swarm, you will help a special forces soldier survive alone in a city where there are no more people left. He lost his comrades, but would like to find at least someone to fight together. But while you have to take the rap yourself. Let the deserted streets not delight you, soon ghouls will appear and there will be a lot of them, so either move constantly, or find a reliable shelter and shoot from it at the Grand Zombie Swarm.

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action, zombie, shooting, 3d

Added: 31 May 2021 | Played: 467 times