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Shaun The Sheep: Baahmy Golf


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A funny lamb named Sean lives on one of the farms in America, along with his friends, various pets. Our hero is very fond of various sports. Today he decided to play golf and in the game Shaun The Sheep Baahmy Golf you will join him in this entertainment. The farm yard will be visible on the screen in front of you. Sean the lamb will stand in a certain place with a club in his hands. There will be a game ball at his feet. The hole into which he will have to get is located at the opposite end of the yard. By clicking on the lamb you will have to call a special dotted line. With its help, you set the strength and trajectory of the blow and make it. At the same time, try to take into account that the ball should ricochet off objects and continue its flight. If you took everything into account correctly, then the ball will hit the hole and you will receive points.

Release Date

4 April 2021

Game Statistics

Rating: 4.38 (8 votes) • Played: 927 times
Shaun The Sheep: Baahmy Golf
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